KitKat® Salted Caramel Wafer Bar

Break off a piece of this extra-indulgent edition of KITKAT. NESTLÉ KITKAT Gooey, Salted Caramel (112 g) isn't your typical KITKAT bar. On top of the classic crispy wafer is a delicious, salted caramel filling – all topped by a smooth milk chocolatey coating. Perfect for sharing, this irresistible combination of crispy wafer and gooey salted caramel can be broken and divided up amongst friends and family. After all, this decadent delight will have everyone asking for a piece. Plus, it's made with 100% sustainably sourced cocoa. Everyone deserves a break, especially one that's bursting with a big crunch and the slow pull of salted caramel for an indulgent multisensory experience. HAVE A BREAK, HAVE A KITKAT.

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